Blade lithium battery laser welding machine

Blade lithium battery laser welding machine is a set of laser welding equipment used for lithium-ion blade batteries.
Efficient, Stable and Reliable Welding Process;
Wide-ranged utilization of equipment, can weld various products;
Easy to replace accessories, modular design, can quickly replace the fixture;

Product Description

Description of Laser Welding Machine for Blade Lithium Battery

Blade battery has a prismatic form factor and laser welding machine weld various accessories of battery module/string, such as blade lug covers, top covers and sealing nails.
While blade battery strings/modules are consisted of multiple cells, laser welder connect cells closely, rapidly and prefectly.

Meanwhile, laser welding technology also be advantageous in welding blade lithium battery, due to non-contact, zero pollution and low-temperature impact, etc.


Technical Parameter of Laser Welding Machine for Blade Lithium Battery



Laser source


XYZ Travel


R Axis

Optional, 360° rotation

Position Accuracy


Repeatability Accuracy


Motion Source

Servo motor

Max Speed


Cooling Method

Water cooling

Electricity Demand


Laser Wavelength


Observation Syatem

CCD system

Gas Protection

Optional, Argon, Nitrogen

Environmental Requirements

No vibration, interference and ventilation

Welding Penetration





1 set


Functions of Laser Welding Machine for Blade Lithium Battery


Battery tab welding

The tabs are usually divided into three materials. The positive electrode of the battery is made of aluminum, and the negative electrode is made of nickel or nickel-plated copper. In the manufacturing process of power batteries, one of the links is to weld the battery tabs and poles together. In the production of the secondary battery, it needs to be welded together with another aluminum safety valve. Welding not only needs to ensure a reliable connection between the lug and the pole, but also requires smooth and beautiful weld seams.

The power battery shell and the cover plate are sealed and welded

The casing materials of the power battery include aluminum alloy and stainless steel (stainless acid-resistant steel), among which aluminum alloy is used more, generally 3003 aluminum alloy, and a few use pure aluminum. Stainless steel is a laser weldable material, especially 304 stainless steel, whether it is pulsed or continuous laser, it can be welded with good appearance and performance.

The laser welding performance of aluminum and aluminum alloys (melting point 660°C) varies slightly depending on the welding method used. Except for pure aluminum and 3-series aluminum alloys, there is no problem with pulse welding and continuous welding, and continuous laser welding is used for other series of aluminum alloys to reduce crack sensitivity. At the same time, according to the thickness of the power battery shell, choose a laser with appropriate power (referring to the amount of work done by the object in unit time). Generally, when the shell thickness is less than 1mm, you can consider using a single-mode laser within 1000W. Use more than 1000W single-mode or multi-mode laser.

Small-capacity lithium batteries often use relatively thin aluminum shells (thickness is about 0.25mm), and there are also steel shells such as 18650. Due to the thickness of the case, the welding of this type of battery generally uses a lower power laser. Using a continuous laser to weld thin-shell lithium batteries can increase the efficiency by 5 to 10 times, and the appearance and sealing are better.

Battery explosion-proof valve welding

The explosion-proof valve of the battery is a thin-walled valve body on the battery sealing plate. When the internal pressure of the battery exceeds the specified value, the explosion-proof valve body ruptures to prevent the battery from bursting. The structure of the safety valve is ingenious, and this process has strict requirements on the laser welding process. Continuous laser welding can achieve high-speed and high-quality welding, and welding stability, welding efficiency and yield can be guaranteed.

Spot welding of battery poles

The materials used for battery pole strips include pure aluminum strips, nickel strips, aluminum-nickel composite strips, and a small amount of copper strips. Welding of battery pole strips generally uses a pulse welding machine. QCW quasi-continuous laser has good beam quality and small welding spots. Below 1.5mm) welding has unique advantages.

Power battery module and pack welding

The series-parallel connection between power batteries is generally completed by welding the connecting piece and the single battery. The positive and negative electrodes are made of different materials, generally copper and aluminum. Ultrasonic welding is usually used. Copper and copper, aluminum and aluminum are generally homogeneous. Laser welding is used. Both copper and aluminum have fast heat transfer, high laser reflectivity, and relatively large thickness of the connecting piece, which requires high-power laser welding.



Blade lithium battery laser welding machineBlade lithium battery laser welding machine

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Blade lithium battery laser welding machine

HuiYao Laser Technology (LuoYang) Co,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development manufacturing, and sales of equipment in the new energy industry. With support from research institutions such as the Luoyang Research lnstitute of Da Lian University of Technology, the company has built a highly skilled R&D team dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive high-endintelligent equipmentincluding laser welding equipment, battery cell assembly line equipment, module PACK automatic line equipment, and battery structural automation equipment. The company covers an area of more than 10,000 squre meters and has multiple automated production lines andadvanced processing equipment. lt has lSO45001 system certification, ISO9001 quality management systemcertification, and ISO45001 environmental management system certification. The company actively promotesstandardized production models, improves product quality management and after-sales service, and is committed toproviding customers with reliable products and high-quality services. HuiYao’products are widely used in various fields such as automobiles, electronics, and aviation, and are highly trustedand well-received by domestic and international customers. The company adheres to the development concept oftechnolocical innovation and excellent quality," continuously strenathens independent research and development andechnological innovation, and has multiple independent intellectual property rights, becoming a leader in the industry.Blade lithium battery laser welding machine

In the future, HuiYao laser Technology will continue to uphold the core values of "service first, quality first, innovativedevelopment, and common growth" continuously increase its technology investment and innovation efforts, providecustomers with even better laser equipment automation solutions, become a leader in the industry, and achieve sustainable and healthy development for the company. Company Mission: Technology-oriented, Technological lnnovation.Business Philosophy: Provide technical services with a rigorous attitude, fairness, efficiency, and a sense of responsibility, always putting customer needs first. Corporate Spirit: Diligence, integrity, innovation, and striving for excellence.

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Blade lithium battery laser welding machineBlade lithium battery laser welding machine


Blade lithium battery laser welding machine

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Blade lithium battery laser welding machine

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Blade lithium battery laser welding machine


Blade lithium battery laser welding machine


Blade lithium battery laser welding machine


Blade lithium battery laser welding machine


Blade lithium battery laser welding machine

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Blade lithium battery laser welding machine

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Blade lithium battery laser welding machine

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