Prismatic Lithium Battery pole laser welding machine

Fast Welding Solution: Compared to traditional welding machine, laser welder is more efficient and reliable, and is a non-contact and no pollution machine during welding.
Scalable and Flexible: Prismatic Lithium Battery pole laser welding machine size can be scaled and customized to various types of battery module, pack, and cell formats.

Product Description

Prismatic Lithium Battery Pole Laser Welding Machine


◆Description of Dual-Station Laser Welding Machine

Introducing dual-station laser welding machine, an excellent solution designed to improve industrial welding processes. The dual-station laser welding machine features an advanced design with two workstations and an enclosed environment to increase productivity and precision while ensuring higher welding quality and consistency. The rotation function helps the workpiece rotate smoothly, providing an even weld and reducing the risk of defects. Versatile and safe, dual-station enclosed spin welding equipment works on a variety of materials and thicknesses, making it ideal for manufacturers looking for accurate and safe welding solutions.


◆Technical Highlights of Dual-Station Laser Welding Machine

● Improve productivity

Dual-station enclosed rotary welding equipment features two workstations that allow for simultaneous welding operations or sequential processing. This design maximizes productivity by reducing downtime and optimizing workflow efficiency.

● Controlled welding environment

With its enclosed design, the dual-station laser welding machine ensures a controlled welding environment, free from external contaminants such as dust and debris. This improves weld quality and consistency, reduces the need for rework and increases overall throughput.

● Precise rotation function

The equipment's rotation capabilities allow the workpiece to rotate smoothly and continuously during the welding process. This feature ensures uniform welds and minimizes the risk of welding defects, guaranteeing high-quality and aesthetically pleasing welds.

● Versatility and adaptability

Dual-station laser welding machine is suitable for a variety of materials and thicknesses, making it versatile and adaptable to a variety of welding techniques and applications. Its flexibility makes it a valuable asset in different industries.

● Safety first

The equipment is equipped with complete safety functions to protect operators and prevent accidents. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy setup, operation and monitoring, helping to achieve a safe and seamless welding process.

●Advanced technology

Dual-station enclosed rotary welding equipment is manufactured using advanced technology and precision engineering and represents the cutting edge of welding solutions. Its advanced features provide efficiency, accuracy and reliability for every welding operation.

● Unparalleled results

By combining efficiency, precision and safety, this equipment delivers excellent welding results, resulting in increased product quality and customer satisfaction.


◆Technical Parameters of Dual-Station Laser Welding Machine

● Overall machine efficiency: 6-12PPM

● Yield: ≥99.9%

● Failure rate: ≤2%

●Battery type: aluminum square case

● Battery cell size range: customized according to needs


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Prismatic Lithium Battery pole laser welding machine



Blade lithium battery laser welding machine

Laser Professional Qualified Quality Intelligent CNC Scalable and Flexible

Blade lithium battery laser welding machine

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Blade lithium battery laser welding machine


Blade lithium battery laser welding machine

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Blade lithium battery laser welding machine

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Blade lithium battery laser welding machine

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1.Q: Which procedure to secure your Quality?
A: Our company has own research & development and production base, the products have been calibrate by central laboratory professionals before before they leaves the factory, ensure the accuracy of test results and authority.
2.Q: How about your company product after-sales service system?
A: Product after-sale guarantee period is 12 months, and we can provide lifetime repair guarantee.We have agents in some countries,they can provide door-to-door service. If there is no agent, our professional pre-sales and after-sales department can reply you within 24 hours for any technical problems.
3.Q: Our country's power supply and plug are different, how do you solve it?
A: We can according to different countries and the power plug, equipped with transformer and plug that in accordance with your local requirement. 4.Q: Payment methods?
A: T/T, L/C, D/P and so on.
5.Q: Packing method?
A: Standard export wooden box packaging.
6.Q: Main export market?
A: Now our products have been exported to North America, Europe, southeast Asia, South America and other countries.
7.Q: How to ensure the customer standard use the instrument?
A: We can provide each product related video showing how to install and operate. If you have specific needs, we also can arrange engineer to the customer's company for equipment operation training.
8.Q: Whether you could make our brand on your products?
A:Yes ,We can print your Logo on both the products and the packages if you can meet our MOQ.
9.Q: Whether you could make your products by our color?
A: Yes, The color of products can be customized if you can meet our MOQ.                                      

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