1 Pre-sale service

After the two parties sign the sales contract, according to the specific requirements of the customer, our company will provide the user with 1-3 days of system training (including the principle of laser welding and practical operation procedures), and then carry out on-site training after installation and commissioning. In the end, only after the personnel in charge of the equipment of the PACK production line or related technicians have fully mastered the technical characteristics, operating procedures and common sense of maintenance of our company’s PACK production line equipment can our trainers leave with confidence. The specific content is as follows:

1) Introduction of module production line.

2) Module production line system components.

3) The operating procedures of the module production line and the maintenance of optical devices.

4) Handling of common faults.

5) The customer shall inspect and accept the debugged equipment, and hand it over to the customer for use and daily maintenance after passing the test.


2 After-sales service

1) Warranty period.

1-1) Equipment installation and debugging.

1-2) The warranty period is one year.

1-3) During the warranty period, regularly arrange technical personnel to visit and inspect equipment.

1-4) The customer service response time is within 24 hours of receiving the notification, and the company's after-sales service personnel arrive at the scene.

1-5) During the warranty period, the user shall be responsible for any damage to equipment components caused by abnormal water supply, power supply or technical personnel's illegal operation.


3 Lifetime after-sales service

1) In addition to the one-year warranty period of the machine, the user also enjoys the life-long maintenance service of the machine.

2) After the two-year warranty period, the damaged and replaced components will be charged at cost.

3) After the equipment warranty period: If the upgrade is not online, the relevant fees for software upgrades will be charged.

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